thursday march 3

today i realized for the first time that the sign on the ali baba’s at bloor and lansdowne advertises the fact that they have "shawrma," which is either an alternate, little-used english spelling of shawarma, or a typo.


JDK said...

...R.I.P. OTIDT?

And I still come here every day.

Luke Adams said...

I basically got so busy in March and April that I stopped keeping up or taking notes, so I'm sort of screwed now. I think at some point (maybe soon!) I'll try to get back to doing it every day, but I'll have some gaps between March 3 and then.

JDK said...

With a heavy hard I'm going to stop my daily visits to this fine blog. If you ever revive it or begin some new blogging enterprise, please shoot me an email.